When telephone & Internet service is an integral part of your product, it’s vital to use a provider you can trust. As an all-inclusive provider, specialising in offering flexible solutions for discreet, sleek executive offices and impeccable service, cutting edge technology and connectivity solutions are an important part of its customer offering.

The Challenge

Beaumont Offices operates high-end serviced offices in prime Central London locations. Throughout 2015, Beaumont Offices experienced almost weekly communications outages at one of its Central London sites. Tara Byrne, Operations Manager at Beaumont Offices, describes the problem: “With five locations in and around the City, a fast and reliable internet connection is really important. The problems we were having with our incumbent service provider meant that our clients were unhappy and were threatening to leave.”

The existing poor service was simply unacceptable for Beaumont Offices and its clients, and in 2015 the company put the communications and connectivity contract out to tender. Following a glowing recommendation from one of her own clients, Tara asked Backbone Connect to respond to the tender request. Tara says: “We decided to upgrade the service at the same time – moving from a single provider to dual fibre in all buildings. We didn’t want to have to worry about connectivity and we didn’t want our clients to worry about it either.”

The Solution

Following a comprehensive tender process, Beaumont Offices decided Backbone Connect would enable it to provide the best service to its customers and chose its resilient, high performance connectivity solution. With two service providers and two diverse routes into each building, each with 1GB capacity and a 1 hour SLA, Backbone Connect met Tara’s requirements in terms of solution, price, and professionalism.

“Backbone Connect ensured a smooth transition and helped us to migrate all our clients painlessly,” says Tara. “With more than 250,000 sq ft of office space, 450 clients, and 2,000 end users, this was a considerable undertaking and we really appreciated Backbone Connect’s support with this.” The solution includes a centralised MPLS between sites, which is the first time telecoms will be centralised for Beaumont Offices and has delivered the resilience and reliability Beaumont Offices sought: “The Internet is no longer a problem for us,” confirms Tara.

The Results

Tara has also been impressed with the service she has received from the Backbone Connect team. She says, “We’ve had one outage in the two years – compared with one every week before. That only happened because one of the Tier 1 carriers had done an update without informing anyone, and there was a reconnection to the backup lines. We were still liaising with our clients about it, and Backbone Connect were already on the phone with us – having diagnosed it before we had! That’s a big change – we just don’t have to worry about it.”

The quality of service delivered by Backbone Connect is now also playing an important role in Beaumont Offices’ competitive positioning. “We have taken the decision to focus on excellence in telephone and Internet solutions in order to set ourselves apart from our competition. Backbone Connect is the partner we need to deliver these excellent connectivity services for our customers.” says Tara. The dramatic improvement in service quality is not only the main advantage. Tara explains: “We’re very happy with the system, but the best thing about Backbone Connect is the communication – it’s honest, clear and has the human touch.”

Why we think Beaumont are great

“Beaumont Offices are a really proactive and knowledgeable customer. They have clear goals and business objectives around how our solution helps them provide an excellent service to their building tenants. This means that they know exactly what they want to achieve and I can make sure that their business priorities are translated completely into our solution and how its supported. We have regular face to face account meetings to make sure they are completely happy, which really suits me as I like developing real relationships with my customers!”

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