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How a connectivity upgrade supercharged the productivity, technology and speed for our customer Mobas: a strategic marketing communications agency offering a full suite of integrated services – creative and design, PR, social and content, digital, and brand strategy – based in Stapleford, just outside Cambridge.

The Challenge

When Backbone Connect contacted Mobas regarding the possibility of it benefiting from a Government Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme, Stephen Smith, Financial Director at Mobas, says it was a “God send”. The incumbent telecoms solution made it painfully slow to upload files and had been a limiting factor on the development of IT strategy for Mobas.

“We couldn’t consider any cloud services,” explains Stephen, “and it limited the way we could plan for the development of our IT. It was intensely slow to upload large files; it made us inefficient really.” As an agency, Mobas deals with large file sizes – sending artwork for print, or receiving high resolution digital images to work on. Not having a broadband connection that could support the transfer of these files efficiently was a regular source of frustration for the Mobas team.

The Solution

Now, with the new super-fast fibre line installed by Backbone Connect, Mobas has eliminated these frustrations and been able to improve its IT more generally – including the adoption of cloud services. Stephen has the freedom to think more strategically about the development of IT. He says: “The service from Backbone Connect has allowed us to take advantage of improvements in technology as they come along.”

Before, we were just waiting to get decent bandwidth before we could start to enjoy the benefits.” Also, Stephen was surprised at how painless the migration to the new service with Backbone Connect turned out to be. “The installation went very smoothly. After our experience with our incumbent supplier, it was fantastic. We didn’t have to do anything really – it was all taken care of for us.”

The Results

“We had been struggling for years to get a decent broadband connection here.” explains Stephen. “So, when we found out we could get a fibre line installed and improve the broadband at no cost to us, we thought we’d better take the opportunity. All we had was a couple of copper lines and the fact that we are miles from the exchange meant that what we had was only slightly better than useless. To go from that to what we have now with Backbone Connect is just no comparison. We leapt at the chance.”

Why we love Mobas

“Mobas are a customer that we onboarded as part of the first Government Connection Voucher Scheme. Over the time Mobas has been a customer with us we have understood the needs of helping smaller businesses grow their IT infrastructure by allowing them to be able to achieve better connectivity and to help provide support.

Mobas became a customer as part of the first Government Connection Voucher Scheme. Since then, we have supported their infrastructure growth and use of new technologies. Its really satisfying to see one of your customers experience real growth and improvement as a result of the solution you provide.”

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