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Stott and May

How one office move prompted a network re-design and a brand new resilient IT service. Founded in late 2009, Stott and May has become one of the fastest growing privately owned recruitment firms in the world.

The Challenge

Their business was founded on the principle of delivering a premier standard of service delivered in rapidly accelerated timeframes. Needless to say, a fast and resilient network soon became an essential prerequisite for smooth business operations. A head-office upgrade prompted Stott & May’s IT Manager Bradley Tough to review network solution suppliers. His priority was to find a supplier that could deliver a highly resilient and scalable service to the new building. “Having experienced issues in the past, we recognised the need to improve the scalability of our infrastructure to meet the demands of our rapidly growing business.”

After inheriting the existing topology when he joined Stott and May, Bradley was eager to seize the opportunity for a re-design that would ensure better operations. “It was great for me, because I could make it my own; I could get two lines, make it fail over, publicly route – all automatically. There were quite a few providers that could offer that to me, but none of them were anywhere as near as competitive on price as
Backbone Connect.”

The Solution

Since day one, Bradley has been impressed with the service he received from the Backbone Connect team: “After I spoke with Backbone Connect, they presented a document of what they understood to be our requirements and all the different options – even options I hadn’t thought about, if I’m honest – it was all very smoothly handled.”

The rigorous and professional response gave the Stott & May team confidence to proceed with a switch to a 2 x 200MB dual line service with automatic routing and failover. As a precaution, Bradley scheduled a buffer of one month into the project, but this proved unnecessary.

Bradley says: “We didn’t need that month: we had an agreed go-live day and we hit the go-live day. My account manager kept in touch with me every step of the way, so I knew exactly what was going on. It felt almost as if I was on their team.”

The Results

From its headquarters, Stott & May provides IT services to its remote sites so a fast and resilient network is essential to ensure that all offices have access to the critical business systems they require. In addition, VM’s, workloads, data, backup and archiving are all sent over the network to the head office systems and from there extended replication into a CSP.

It was therefore important that Backbone Connect provided a solution that could grow with business requirements, something the previous solution did not offer. Stott & May agreed a 2 x 200MB service, which could be expanded to 2 x 1000MB as business demands require. “The company is very pleased” Bradley says, “Backbone Connect has provided an excellent service and we have halved our monthly costs! Not only do we have twice the bandwidth, we also have automatic routing and failover as standard!” As a result, Backbone’s solution has driven better engagement and so opened new avenues for reporting or statistics regarding Stott & May’s markets.

Why we love Stott and May

“Stott & May is a great customer. They are always friendly and approachable and it’s because of this that I have been able to develop a really positive relationship with them.

As their Customer Success Manager it’s important for me to be in regular contact so that I’m always aware of how happy they are with their service. So to work with a customer that is a great communicator really helps. We have positive, open discussions on anything in their business we can help with, any way we could improve, or just a quick catch up to see how one of the teams holiday was! “

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