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XPS Pensions Group

Implementing XPS’s network with resilient ‘always on’ MPLS and a colocated data centre. They are one of the UK leaders in pension de-risking solutions, that have an over 40 years’ experience in the market. They provide a full range of trustee services for all types of occupational pension schemes, starting from pensions and actuarial services to flexible benefits and healthcare.

The Challenge

When XPS approached us they were in the middle of a delicate transition. Originally part of the Equiniti Group, XPS was sold to CBPE Capital LLP and found itself without a valuable IT infrastructure to rely upon. For this reason, they were looking for a solution that could cover all their IT services. With a business spread all over the country, XPS needed a solution that could expand their IT infrastructure through different sites and virtually link employees working in different locations.

They required a resilient, scalable and centrally managed MPLS network that could provide WAN redundancy, end to end visibility and remote manageability. Another key requirement was a new phone system that uses SIP trunks to reduce the cost of intersite traffic. Furthermore, data centre resilience represents a fundamental pillar for this pension solutions leader. In fact, the company was interested in finding a disaster recovery solution that included two data centres in central London and one out of the district and could guarantee a very high level of security.

The Solution

Backbone Connect’s MPLS network helped XPS to improve their efficiency by restructuring their operations and reducing their cost of ownership. The Backbone Connect Solutions Team guided the company step by step through the entire project design, migration and post-deployment. Business continuity and regulatory compliance were also achieved via a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Some technical benefits that they experienced included improved uptime, increased bandwidth utilisation and reduced network congestion.

XPS is also details oriented and pays particular attention to the needs of its organisation. Backbone Connect was very responsive to ensure that XPS’s requirements were thoroughly fulfilled.

The Results

XPS also entered an Ensured Quality of Service (QoS) agreement, which ensured the quality of their connection was always performing with great reliability and predictability of traffic within the network. To ensure rapid and seamless deployment, Backbone leverages its network management service that results in a faster service to their customers.

“We have our business distributed over several locations across the UK so we needed a resilient ‘always on’ MPLS network and a collocated data centre as well. Backbone Connect have some great technical guys and they helped us design the MPLS and implement it and that went very well.”

“It’s now 18 months since our first circuit went live,” says Chris Sanders , Head of IT, XPS. “We have an ‘always on’ ambition and over the last 6 months we have had no downtime at all, in fact over the term of the contract we have had no significant downtime.”

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