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Better Connectivity, Better Business

Be a step ahead of the competition at every opportunity. More powerful connectivity will benefit your business by increasing employee productivity, taking advantage of enhanced bandwidth speeds to allow faster access to data and applications. 

As businesses choose their path to digital transformation, fast and reliable internet connection becomes essential. With enhanced speeds you can fast-track your business and increase the productivity of your employees. Ultrafast internet enables your business to remote access data, download sizable files and stream content efficiently. Your new connection will allow you to leverage the power of new technologies, future-proofing even the most complex business processes.

  1. Work faster and better. With generous bandwidth, you can allow employees to access technology that enhances communication, collaboration and productivity.
  2. Increase data security. An uncontended, dedicated connection built within our private core network has added security features that help protect your business.
  3. Onboard new applications. Use your new ultra-fast connection to integrate applications that were previously unavailable to your business.

Upgrade your connectivity


The Big Switch

BT has announced plans to switch off all ISDN lines by 2025 to make way for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. Many businesses are already adopting the more powerful VOIP technology to stay ahead of the competition. Use your upgraded connectivity to take advantage of VOIP.

  • Drive cost efficiency. VOIP eliminates the need for maintenance costs and physical on-premise devices, giving you better call quality at a lower price.
  • Access for every employee. Available anywhere at anytime on any device to ensure that your business telephony isn’t just restricted to the office.
  • Go beyond the standard. VOIP offers many features including: call centre functionality, advanced reporting on key metrics and integrations to your business CRM system.

Full-Fibre Britain:
Your Gigabit Voucher

The UK government’s vision of a ‘full fibre Britain’provides all SME businesses with ultrafast gigabit-capable internet connectivity. Our dedicated Connected Voucher Support Team will help you secure your Gigabit Broadband Voucher and take your business one step closer to faster and more reliable connectivity.

  • Receive your £2,500 voucher. Use the incentive towards the installation of your new internet connection.
  • Ultrafast 1Gb connectivity. Give your business the speed it needs to be competitive.
  • Trust us. Backbone Connect have been a registered and approved supplier of government voucher schemes since 2015.

My Connectivity

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