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Cyber Horror Event


To celebrate Halloween this year, we hosted a Cyber Horror event all around cyber security with our long-term partner CenturyLink, a tier 3 network provider. The aim was to inform our customers and prospects on the latest industry information on cyber security, discussing the current threats facing businesses and to give expert advice on how to keep businesses safe in our ever-growing digital world.

After being founded in 2008 Backbone needed a partner who understood our vision and would be able to provide robust secure services that would always be on to customers. This is when we found CenturyLink. For over a decade now, Backbone have been in partnership with CenturyLink to provide numerous services including IP transit, fibre connectivity, core data centre services and most recently global DDoS mitigation.

Businesses in today’s world are constantly evolving. The changing business models to things such as more cloud-based services have resulted in the security industry not being agile enough to keep pace with the environment. The nature of cyber attacks is also changing, in terms of the targets, frequency, and tool sets used to perpetrate the attacks with. The varying nature of the attacks and the difficulty of preventing them all is allowing more successful attacks than ever before.

Using the unique partnership that Backbone and CenturyLink have to showcase current affairs within cyber security, customers at the event were able to understand the importance of and learn how to keep their businesses safe. CenturyLink’s worldwide network provides them with the ability to monitor malicious attack points from anywhere on the planet, and prevent these DDoS attacks and enable businesses to keep afloat even during an ongoing DDoS offensive.

A very good event, well organised and a great 'Cyber Horror' theme to tie cyber security and Halloween together!


As a commitment to our customers, we don’t want your business to become the next cyber horror story. We’re offering a complementary cyber security questionnaire which takes as little as 10 minutes to complete with one of our cyber experts here at Backbone Connect. The questionnaire is based around various aspects of business security such as antivirus software and firewall, internal processes and critical business data. Once complete, a threat intelligence report is created looking at five of the most common threats to businesses. These are then graded using a traffic light warning system to provide an easy understanding of the results and what to prioritise a response against. Following this, our team is available to further discuss anything of interest that comes out of the assessment to help keep your business safe.