Different & Better – Our brand new data centre suite


Backbone Connect have been providing data centre services for over a decade now, it’s something we’re experts at. During that time we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to data centres around the country. We’ve certainly rescued many customers from mediocre service from their old providers!

So, when the opportunity arose to add a brand new data centre suite to our IT infrastructure estate, that we could construct just how we wanted, we jumped at the chance. Our goal was to create a premium data centre facility with enterprise grade features, but also to add all the touches that our customers wanted to improve their user experience. The new facility at Century Link, Goswell Road in Central London, does it all and more.

Going BackStage at our new facility
We’ve invested a lot of time into understanding what makes a data centre suite a comfortable, effective and productive space that helps customers work quickly and efficiently. Our BackStage area offers simple but effective features that make our customer’s lives easier. Features like a charging station for their phones, free tools and spare parts to use, a stocked kitchen for refreshments, ‘crash-carts’ and chairs for them to work at. These ‘+1’s’ are the differentiators that make using our suite compared to others a much better customer experience. Add into that a dedicated in-suite Engineer presence to help with any technical issues and you have an excellent customer experience.


Premium Features

  • Central London location with excellent transport links
  • Connected to all major national and international carriers and CDN providers
  • Multiple, redundant and resilient power supplies
  • Extensive physical security – staffed, pass controlled & biometrics
  • 24/7 authorised access
  • Parking available


Unique to the Backbone Suite

  • In-suite Engineer and NOC presence
  • 24/7 support from our own dedicated Service Desk, backed by industry leading customer feedback scores
  • ‘BackStage’ area with tools and spares available (patch leads, SFPs, rack rails, etc). As well as
  • Our own in-suite CCTV
  • Additional monitoring and security options available

Customers going live
Since October last year, we have been working to migrate customers from other locations into our brand new suite. A data centre migration can be a tricky thing to organise, but our expert data centre team have been on hand to support every customer move. We’ve had fantastic feedback on both the quality of the new suite, and the professionalism and skill of the team moving them in.

“Omar has gone above and beyond for us today in the data centre…he was diligent, methodical and concise in his communications. Overall, the move went very smoothly, and the support was extremely helpful.”

Newly migrated Backbone customer

Would you like to find out what a Different and Better Data Centre looks like? Contact us today for a tour.

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