Whatever the requirement, we’ll help you find a communications solution that suits your business.

Select a simple ‘plug-and-play’ handset system for easy end user use and cost-effective call charges. Or utilise the more feature-rich contact centre options for large volume calling and reporting on usage.

New cloud-based solutions offer near-instant scalability as well as excellent value and low cost of ownership. If you have distant users or a remote workforce, unified communication and collaboration tools can help bring them together and improve productivity. We’ll bring all your requirements together and support the solution with 24/7 customer service – to ensure everything works for your business and your users.

Hosted telephony

Hosting your telephony in the cloud brings with it substantial benefits. The cost of ownership is naturally lower as you spend less money on hardware, maintenance and the traditional costs of infrastructure. Scalability is easy. New users, sites and features can be quickly enabled so your solution grows in line with your business.

Performance is enterprise-grade, so you’ll enjoy excellent call quality and exceptional resilience and reliability for your users, all managed 24/7 by our team of UK-based experts.

Sip trunking

SIP solutions offer a natural upgrade from the PSTN and ISDN systems of previous decades. As these two legacy networks will be switched off by key suppliers, SIP Trunks offer a far more flexible and cost-effective alternative for your voice requirements.

  • Less costly per channel, for line rentals and call costs
  • Free internal calls
  • Instant flexibility to scale lines and licences up and down in line with business
  • SIP trunks are inherently business-continuity ready, rerouting to alternative locations quickly and easily
  • Easily integrated with future voice and data convergence

Contact centre solutions

When your requirements call for a more comprehensive telephony solution, we have the contact centre functionality to deliver the scale and features you need.

  • Instant scalability
  • Call centre capacity
  • Intelligent IVR, hunt groups and automatic call distribution and queuing
  • Tiered hierarchies built into user profiles and agent/supervisor relationships
  • Granular call analytics and call recording, multi-channel analytics, dashboard reporting
  • CRM integration / workforce management integration
  • Multi-channel integration with webchat, social media and email

Access to the best

We’re agnostic in the technology we use, never tied to a specific vendor or supplier. With access to the whole market, you can be safe in the knowledge that any product, service or vendor that forms part of your solution is there on merit and has been tried and tested by us before being used by you.