Your business’s connectivity to users, sites, data and IT resources is critical. It’s the life-blood of your day-to-day activity, and if it's disrupted, your business stops. We’re experts in every type of connectivity. From critical individual managed connections to large-scale WAN deployments, and everything else in between.

Business internet

Not all Internet access is the same. Today’s businesses need reliable, high-performance Internet connectivity across their organisation as standard. Because when your connectivity works, your business works.

At Backbone Connect, we deliver connectivity to our customers professionally and expertly, freeing them to focus on their own customers, application development or strategy. Our customers can concentrate on what’s important to them, knowing that we are there to ensure Internet connectivity is never an issue.

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Managed networks

Connectivity without limits – when your business needs to connect, we have the solution. With a broad range of technologies at our disposal and the expertise to implement and manage complex, multi-site solutions, you can rely on Backbone Connect for your business network challenges.

We create and manage networks that are built with business in mind. Your technology should power your objectives, whether that’s growth, stability, customer experience or productivity. We understand our customers deeply, and that knowledge guides every decision made in the creation and management of their networks.

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Software defined WAN

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is bringing new levels of speed, agility and control to business networks. Removing traditional limitations and taking your network anywhere you need to go. The modern network needs to respond to demand quickly and meet new connectivity challenges in days not months. SD-WAN is solving these challenges.

Need to use multiple access technologies? No problem. Fast and secure network management required all the way from a user’s device right across your network? It’s here. Rapid deployment of sites and services in days? All possible.

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Managed LAN and Wi-Fi

Put your core IT infrastructure in safe hands. We’ll ensure the smooth running of your network, while you concentrate on running your business.

Managing and maintaining LAN and WiFi infrastructure in-house is an ongoing distraction, but it’s a critical part of any IT setup. A fault or outage which affects the LAN will inevitably have a significant impact on the productivity of the staff and systems connected to it. Our LAN and WiFi managed services ensure your infrastructure is optimised for performance and protected from malicious threats. Supported 24/7 by our UK-based Service Desk.

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Mobile connectivity

Extend the reach and capabilities of your network quickly. You’re no longer limited by physical wires. Your network can reach even the most remote users to ensure that no matter where your people are, your IT services can follow.

Mobile & wireless connectivity brings additional, rapidly deployed, superfast connectivity options to your network. We can help you overcome connectivity challenges in previously remote or problematic locations, allowing you to access new geographic areas or service a different type of user.

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Cloud connections

From your network, straight to your cloud environment. We’ll connect your business directly to the cloud provider of your choice using the right technology, and we’ll explain the options to you in plain English. Get the consistent performance, cost efficiency and security that a dedicated cloud connection brings.

We’ll help you connect privately to the key cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 via direct connections. As well as an ever-growing list of business applications like Salesforce, AliCloud, SAP, IBM Cloud, VMWare and Oracle Cloud.

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