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Investing in our People


At Backbone Connect, we’re passionate about improving ourselves and our business. That’s why one of our Destination Goals at the beginning of the year was to invest in the development of both our people and the wider business.

We’re doing this in a variety of ways:

Developing our people

Encouraging our people to improve and progress by providing support and resources in the form of training courses, coaching and personal development programmes.

This year so far we have rolled out training sessions in key areas of the business, through expertly qualified third parties. We find that by combining this with regular internal training and coaching, our employees get a well-rounded selection of training tools to help them constantly improve. Our sales training programme is in full swing, with 1-1 sessions bespoke to our individual sales people and their requirements. As well as this, the programme also instills sales best practice; a key component of our consultative sales process.

We have also recently implemented Customer Service training sessions across the business, expanding what was originally a Service Desk training initiative into every department. Our customers interact with employees in every department, from Customer Success and Projects Teams, to Finance and Marketing, so we want all our staff to be skilled and responsive communicators.

As part of our strategy to maintain high standards and innovation at Leadership level, our Heads of Department have been attending a range of management and directorship courses at some of the most respected business schools in the country, this will continue into the new year.

These fantastic development programmes work in sync with our regular internal training programme, headed up by our Head of Solutions John Archer. This keeps our employees up to speed with the latest technology we are deploying to our customers and the intricacies of our industry.

With more courses and training throughout the rest of the year, we’re looking forward to seeing our employees put their new skills to use!

Celebrating our wins

At our last company update meeting our Talent Manager Emer announced plans to showcase all the employee development the business is supporting, by increasing the amount of certificates on our office Wall of Achievement.

We are delighted to announce that in September alone we placed 12 new certificates. As a result the wall is now full, and we will have to extend across to another wall to keep pace with all our employee achievements!

Our Wall of Achievement incorporates both personal and professional achievements. Degree certificates, management courses, as well as awards our customers have given to us. Our Director Dave’s recent customer award for Most Creative at a team building event now sits with pride amongst all the other employee achievements!

We want everyone to see these accomplishments and feel proud when they walk through the door in the morning. It gives a great impression to customers and new starters alike.

Winning awards

We’re very proud of our awards, and we’re always looking to improve by adding new accreditations to our list and to expand on the ones we already have. As part of our accreditation road-map we are in the middle of our ISO surveillance audit for ISO 20000, 14001 & 9001. After this we turn to business continuity accreditations, with plans to target additional ISOs in that area.

After an Investors In People award last year that was full of praise, we have decided to see how well we do aiming for a higher certification, which could be anything from Silver to Gold or Platinum. The process begins this month and we are very excited to showcase our great work in personal development for our employees.

More news on these to follow, after our audit period…!