Is your office building connected?


Connected Buildings are a solution from Backbone Connect designed uniquely for the property industry. We turn office buildings into technology hubs, delivering a unique proposition that brings many benefits to both owner and tenant.

In response to positive industry feedback, customer referrals and the industry press, we exhibited at our first property expo in October. The industry-leading MIPIM show is a renowned focal point for building technology and a showcase for the latest topics dominating the property industry.

Over the two busy days, our team enjoyed constant networking and meetings with Landlords and building owners, Asset Managers, Managing Agents, and a variety of other positions and roles in the property industry. Our Connected Buildings were a big topic of conversation and our Director David McLeod spoke in the Innovation Forum about the impact Connected Buildings are having on both Tenants and Landlords.

It was a great expo debut for our business and our Connected Building solution. Backbone Connect may have been connecting tenants and buildings for over five years, but the organic growth we have experienced has been driven by referrals on the excellent work we have done. As we take the next steps in taking Connected Buildings pro-actively to the industry, we will be more prominent at exhibitions, trade shows and making more of a splash in the industry press as interest and demand continues to grow. It’s an exciting time to be helping solve a real pain point for the industry.


Tenant events

As well as our growing exposure in the property industry, we are also dedicated to helping tenants in our Connected Buildings understand the best connectivity options available to them. Once Connected, we can offer tenants exceptionally resilient and high-quality internet connectivity services with a 5-day installation time, without wayleave and on average at 30% lower cost that the market rate.

One of the ways we spread the Connected message is by holding events for tenants that currently occupy in our Connected Buildings, helping them find out more about the high level of connectivity currently available to them. The latest of these events was in October, as we helped make a cold morning at 4 Chiswell Street a little better by handing out free pastries and juices to tenants, while they found out a bit more about the connectivity options in their building.

As you can imagine, the pastries went down well! But tenants were also really interested in what being in a Connected Building meant to them. Internet connectivity is the heartbeat of almost every business and it affects every employee. There were no shortage of stories about how previous or current suppliers hadn’t provided a high enough level of internet performance or customer service. Internet connectivity has such a massive impact on business productivity and profitability that it has become a key utility to businesses, in the same bracket as water and electricity.

With future events already scheduled, our team will be travelling around the UK meeting Connected Building tenants and helping businesses Connect to higher levels of productivity.