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Move your
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An empty office in a building is never a good thing for a asset manager and neither is an unhappy tenant.


Over the years we’ve worked with asset managers to deliver Fibre connectivity to a number of tenants within their commercial offices. What we’ve found is that landlords have been asking the same question. “How can I get rid of wayleaves, move new tenants in quicker and make the building more attractive for tenants who have lease renewals?”

Their tenants also had a similar issue. They wanted access to more robust connectivity at a cheaper price delivered in a faster time. Here at Backbone Connect, we thought about this problem. How could we meet the evolving demands of both landlords and tenants alike? In doing so we created the connected building solution.

Our connected building solution works by pre-installing fibre cables into your commercial assets. Giving plug and play connectivity access to new tenants or existing ones who simply want to change their provider.

Connected Building Solution

By powering smart digital connectivity technology using our connected building solution in commercial buildings we were able to remove the need for repetitive costly wayleaves and decrease the time it takes to deliver superfast fibre connectivity within their building.


What are the benefits? 

In doing so, we added value to their real estate assets, turning them into a more digitally connected building; making them more attractive to new tenants by giving them access to connectivity within as little as 5 days at up to 30% below the market rate.

Our connected building solution helps to improve the tenant experience and gives them access to technology that will allow them to digitally transform and progress as a business.

The same benefits are available for existing tenants. What we’d like to know here at Backbone Connect. How can we add value to your commercial assets? How can we help to move tenants in quicker and keep your existing ones happy?

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