Cloud Services

What can cloud computing do for your business? We believe that the right application of cloud technology can deliver incredible value to your IT infrastructure.

Clear benefits

Aligning cloud technology correctly with your business can unlock new efficiencies at scale, reduce infrastructure cost of ownership, and allow you to introduce and access new technologies easily.

Cloud doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Some businesses reap the benefits of hosting their full infrastructure in the cloud, others prefer integrating specific cloud elements and holding critical applications and data on-premise. Talk to us today to better understand how cloud technology can improve your business.

Managed cloud environments

Cloud technology offers some extraordinary benefits. We’ll help you identify where cloud services can best be applied in your business, in line with your specific goals and challenges. Then we can build, deploy and manage your public, private or hybrid cloud environment to ensure it delivers the value you expect, from the moment you turn it on.

  • Reduced cost of ownership by removing the cost and maintenance of physical infrastructure
  • Reducing capital expenditure in favour of controllable monthly operational expenditure
  • Highly secure and instantly scalable, with predictable costs
  • Reliable availability, held to strict SLAs
  • Real-time monitoring and provisioning tools

Cloud connectivity

We’ll connect your business directly to the cloud provider of your choice using the right technology, and we’ll explain the options to you in plain English — offering you the consistent performance, cost efficiency and security that a dedicated cloud connection brings.

We can help you connect privately to the key cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Office 365, as well as an ever-growing list of business applications like Salesforce, AliCloud, SAP, IBM Cloud, VMWare and Oracle Cloud.

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Cloud DR and

Cloud technology provides fully automated, secure and efficient data backup tools. Safeguard your business with quick backup and recovery, and instant access to your most important data across your IT infrastructure – keeping you compliant with even the strictest business continuity measures.

  • Works with all major operating environments and file systems
  • Supports strict business continuity measures
  • Back-up and recovery that’s fast, de-duplicated and simplified
  • Allows you to retrieve data faster from across the business
  • Offers storage efficiencies that save time and money
  • Allows you to meet a wide range of compliance requirements
  • Managed and supported 24/7 by our expert service desk

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