Connected Buildings

By meeting the evolving demands of business occupiers and powering smart technology in commercial buildings, we add value to real estate assets.

Smarter buildings are
better connected

Backbone Connected Buildings are smartly designed to answer tenants’ most complex digital requirements. Overall, we aim to provide high-capacity Internet and wider network connectivity in just five days, with no fuss, engineering works, costly installation fees or legal agreements to worry about. Your new or existing tenants can simply move in, log on and thrive.

Multi tenanted
office space

The rise of the service office has driven a change in tenant expectations when acquiring new commercial office space. Building owners have started to invest more in areas such as connectivity, to allow their assets to stand out and meet the demands of what today’s tenants need. Our Connected Buildings solution within a multi tenanted office space allows for a common communications infrastructure for multiple businesses or parties within one building. Versatile, yet highly efficient, it offers multiple benefits to both the landlord and the tenants.

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office space

To improve the tenant experience, landlords are more commonly completing a CAT B fit-out within the office spaces of their buildings, making each space more attractive to tenants who want to move in quickly. In conjunction with the fit-out, we can install Wi-Fi access points, floor ports and cloud-hosted phones, and provide desktop/printer support — services that can be tailored to match the requirements of each tenant. This allows tenants to continue business immediately, without hassle or delay.

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Industrial estates

Many industrial estates are poorly served by fibre connectivity. This is due to the nature of their location, often far away from local exchanges. As the type of business on these estates is changing, accommodating more and more start-ups, there is increased demand for improved connectivity. Standard business broadband just won’t do. Leased lines are essential for these businesses, but the price is high, and the disruption of construction works to implement it drives prospective tenants away. Using the latest in wireless technology, we can distribute connectivity across an industrial estate without the need for disruptive construction works and the high monthly costs of leased lines.

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Business parks

Working exclusively within one office space is fast becoming a thing of the past. Today’s tenants enjoy the flexibility of being able to work anywhere, whether it’s in a shared communal space, a coffee shop or outdoors. Typically, tenants are demanding higher speed Internet access as well as cloud connectivity and cloud-hosted collaboration services. Offering a wireless solution cultivates community within business parks, bringing people together in different spaces and allowing the entire site to be utilised.

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Tenant benefits

New and existing tenants will immediately benefit from drastically shorter installation times, zero fuss and a significant reduction in cost for high quality, business-grade Internet services:

  • A new connection installed within five days
  • Connectivity at a reduced cost, 30% below market rate
  • No wayleave, allowing tenants to save time and money
  • The avoidance of disruptive construction work
  • 24/7 support, backed by industry leading customer feedback scores

Landlord benefits

Our Connected Buildings provide a range of benefits for commercial real estate landlords, including:

  • Eliminating repeat installations, reducing disruption and noise
  • Faster move-in times and reduced rent-free periods
  • Buildings that are future-proofed and fibre friendly
  • Buildings that meet the technology needs of any tenant
  • A unique value proposition for every building in the portfolio


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