Social distance
and cost optimisation


This unusual period of social distancing that we’re in has certainly resulted in huge changes to how we’re working, opening up a whole new set of challenges and bringing into focus areas of our business operations and infrastructure that we might not have considered in a while.

Anyone who can’t participate in their outside interests, clubs, sports or extra-curricular activities has probably turned their thoughts to matters closer to home. This might manifest itself in a number of ways such as a spring clean, a clear out of the loft, a purge of the wardrobe, some online shopping or getting on with things which we’ve been putting off for a while.


Speaking of which, when was the last time you conducted a drains-up review of your IT infrastructure?

Does it still fit, or did it fit you 2 or 3 years ago and needs a fresh look in the mirror. Never mind whether the technology is in fashion – does it deliver what you need now, in 2020 and will it support your needs beyond this interesting and challenging year?

If the answer is “I’m not sure” or if you feel that a review is timely, then perhaps there’s an opportunity to turn to the ICO team at Backbone Connect. Our Infrastructure Cost Optimisation specialists can independently review all aspects of your technical infrastructure to determine if they are fit for purpose and cost-effective. The team can assess (in most cases remotely) your:

  • Networks – WAN, LAN, Internet connectivity, Remote access
  • Cybersecurity – Perimeter Firewall, Threat / Risk Assessment
  • IT Infrastructure – On premise servers/storage, Hosted systems within Data Centres Cloud-based data and applications
  • Data Backups and Business Continuity Plans
  • Desktop & IT Support Services
  • Telephony and Unified Communications


What was right for your staff, offices, data and applications last year or the year before might not be right for you now in 2020. Indeed, will it still be right once the majority of your staff return to their usual places of work later in the year, or will there be a different landscape to prepare for?

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