Our culture is collaborative, supportive and driven by our people. The environment we cultivate is key in allowing our people to improve, develop and thrive, while our customers enjoy the benefit of happy, motivated employees.

Our vision

After a combined 20 years in the IT infrastructure and services industry, our founders felt disillusioned by what they saw as a front-loaded effort to miss-sell network services, lock customers in and failure to provide good customer service. Backbone Connect was set up as the antidote to this, with a clear vision.

“To connect people through technology. To set new standards of service quality. To grow without compromising the values and culture that make us different and better.”

Our values are based on this vision. They help us focus on being the business we want to be, staying true to the idea that started the company over a decade ago. If our employees are ever in doubt of the next steps to take, our values steer the way.

Our Values

Creative: Passionate about new ideas, collaboration and curiosity. Never afraid to try something different.

Responsive: Alert to our customers, ready to respond and agile across the business.

Integrity: Acting with honesty and transparency.

Tenacious: Resilient in the face of challenges and determined to find solutions.

Independent: Able to put the customer first without compromise.

Dependable: Reliable in everything we do.

Our people

We’re passionate about people. The people that depend on our services. The people who work, grow and develop in our business.

Our people are our brand and our differentiators. Our ambition is to continue to grow through the people, values and culture that makes us different and better.

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We’ve been on a journey for over a decade, with a mission to deliver IT solutions differently. We take the time to understand our customers, build services for them that deliver real value, and develop relationships that go beyond IT supplier to business partner.

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For me, it was the commitment – they said they’d do it and they followed through. It’s a rare thing to have that level of commitment. What Backbone promise is what they deliver.
Russell King, Head of IT and Infrastructure phs Group