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Who’s stories have we been creating?


We’ve been on a journey for over a decade, with a mission to deliver IT solutions differently. We take the time to understand our customers, build services for them that deliver real value, and develop relationships that go beyond IT supplier to business partner. Our customers demand more than standard for their critical IT services. Each new customer is as important to us as the last – from small start-ups, to companies with global networks and thousands of employees. We care about your problems and we are passionate about solving them.

Over the last few months we’ve been working with 3 of our biggest customers; phs Group, Enva and Saunderson House, to tell the story of how we’ve helped them overcome their connectivity, infrastructure and technology challenges. We thought we’d share those stories with you.

After a decade of unremarkable service from its incumbent supplier, phs Group wanted to find a new wide area network (WAN) provider. Competitive pricing, good processes, the capacity to strengthen disaster recovery (DR), and service flexibility were the key supplier attributes sought. We were able to deliver phs Group a 68 site Wide Area Network, with bespoke connectivity for each site, an MPLS network with integrated colocation, high-availability security firewalls and bespoke reporting with granular site performance detail.

phs Group was very clear that they wanted a partner, rather than a supplier. Not only has Russell King, the Head of Infrastructure Managed Services recommended Backbone Connect to other companies looking for a WAN provider, he has recommended Backbone Connect as potential business partners too.

“They are a great bunch; really easy to work with; you feel like you want to be their partners. It sounds like I’m a superfan, right? I am! But for me, it was the commitment – they said they’d do it and they followed through. It’s a rare thing to have that level of commitment. What Backbone promise is what they deliver.”

Russell King, phs Group

With a number of different companies brought together under the Enva brand, the existing IT infrastructure was a combination of four different longstanding contracts with major providers, none of which was particularly cost-effective. It was a priority for them to have a unified network that could enable the both the operational day-to-day work and the digital transformation project work being undertaken across the group. We delivered a unified WAN, resilient MPLS connections, plus high-availability centralised firewall across 2 geographically diverse locations.

Head of IT Service Delivery at Enva, Dan Bloor says it was this flexibility and agility that allowed Enva to easily integrate 8 sites post-deployment, which is prized by a company growing rapidly through acquisition.

Backbone are a lot quicker to respond and a lot more flexible than other providers, they will do it all for you, from network design to out-of-the-box thinking. You don’t get this from other service providers. They absolutely are a good partner: they are quick to react, they have good engineers and a good project management team.

Dan Bloor, Enva

Saunderson House:
In 2015, Saunderson House’s existing telecoms supplier was failing to demonstrate the appropriate commitment to network performance and service quality. They wanted to improve in terms of performance, stability and service, so they decided to evaluate alternative suppliers who could improve on these key areas. We designed, manage and monitor a highly resilient private network infrastructure with dual data centre provision, all with a guaranteed 100% service up-time.

Backbone Connect was a key partner within a much wider programme of work explains the Head of IT, Nick Rosser. The deployment of a new, stable, secure and optimised network has been a major success for Saunderson House.

They genuinely worked with us to find a solution that was right for us, not just what they wanted to sell us. They are a good company to work with and I’m genuinely looking forward to continuing our working relationship over the coming years.

Nick Rosser, Saunderson House

Our dedication to our customers means we work hard to constantly understand the ambitions of their business and how the right IT solution can support growth, provide stability and help transform how they do business. We know the value of powerful IT services. We believe that by always focusing on the quality of our service, and by shaping what we do to the evolving needs of every customer, that we will always be different and better.

Want us to tell your Backbone Connect story? Contact your dedicated Account Manager. If you aren’t an existing customer then get in touch and let us be a part your of story.