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How technology can reduce the risk of COVID-19

Reduce the risk of COVID 19: Tech that gets you back to work, was a webinar focused on how technology can help prevent the risks of COVID-19 outbreaks.

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  • John Archer,
  • David McLeod

As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease across the UK, companies are asking: "how do we make the transition back to the office and how can we do it safely?

We’ve been working with businesses and commercial property companies to reduce their risk of COVID-19 outbreaks, so they can enable a safer transition back to the workplace. As part of the conversation, we've invited our industry-leading expert partner HikVision to join the webinar and explore some of these measures on how companies can reduce risk and create a safer environment for the return of their employees to the office. The below reflects some of the key insights shared in the webinar.

Watch the full webinar here

Offices will never be the same again

There is clearly no silver bullet or nailed-on guarantee to workplace safety. You need to adapt your workspace to the new normal, so it all comes down to “How can we reduce risks as much as possible?”. You can prevent the spread with multiple initiatives such as: respecting social distancing rules, wearing a mask, enhanced hygiene, beyond that you might also be required to leverage technology.

Technology & reducing COVID-19 outbreak risk

Immediately detecting the possibility of a fever at the door, can have a significant impact. Depending on your office layout and practicalities, it might be unfeasible for you to have someone stationed within the office to ensure that social distancing is maintained. Additionally, you might need to leverage wi-fi based cameras or analytics, to ensure you are taking all the measures which your organisation needs, and to protect its most valuable assets. We've been working with businesses and commercial property companies to carefully help them reduce possible risks of COVID-19 outbreaks and to enable a safer transition back to the workplace. Technology can help you prevent the risks of COVID-19 outbreaks by:

  • Identify potential high-risk visitors before they enter your office space.
  • Discover areas of high-risks and where social distancing guidelines might be in danger of being breached.
  • Have a real-time alerting system for office density breaches.


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