OLM Group

As the OLM Group expanded, Backbone Connect provided IT services that supported the change. With a diverse portfolio of technology solutions, which includes highly sensitive information services around vulnerable children, it is critical that OLM Group has a reliable and resilient IT infrastructure that can ensure service integrity.

The Challenge

OLM Group Ltd develops information technology solutions for adult and children’s services, and the health and corporate IT sectors. For more than 25 years, it has provided a wide range of software, technology and infrastructure, consultancy and media and communications services.

Nick Carter, Head of Hosting & Infrastructure at OLM Group, explains: “As a social care technology organisation, delivering software development, hosted and managed services, we have critical dependencies on our infrastructure in order to run our business. It’s vital we work with a reliable partner to provide the services that allow us to run that infrastructure.”

Nick says: “Previously, we had a few disparate internet connections with various providers. We went to market with the goal of bringing all these services under one supplier, so we could gain better control and visibility of the group’s communication services and technologies.”

The Solution

In the original tender process back in 2009, Nick says it was the ease, speed and expertise of the Backbone Connect offering that led the business to choose them. “Since then, the service has been working well, so we’ve had no cause to look elsewhere,” says Nick. “Using a single provider has saved us the hassle of negotiating contracts with multiple suppliers and we rely on Backbone Connect as a ‘one stop shop’ for all our data centre and networking needs.”

Like many software companies, the group’s business model has changed significantly. “We have moved towards a ‘Software-as-a-Service’ delivery model over the last four years or so,” Nick explains, “and this has created a greater dependency on the data centre and communication services that Backbone Connect provides for us.” The support from Backbone Connect has grown organically as we have taken more services from them. We’ve gone from one rack in one data centre, to ten racks over two data centres. We’ve changed the architecture to build in greater resilience. Backbone Connect has advised and helped us throughout that process.”

The Results

For Nick, the expert advice, and the ability to get in touch with key members of the Backbone Connect technical team when needed, are the major attractions of using Backbone Connect. Another major benefit of using Backbone Connect is dependability. Resilient connectivity is critical for OLM Group for a couple of reasons; their clients and all of OLM Group’s line of business systems, and the internal infrastructure required to support customers. “The reliability is the best thing,” Nick continues. “From a personal point of view, I can say that they have never let us down. Backbone Connect do what they say what they are going to. We trust them as a valued supplier.”

OLM Group have also been pleased with the value for money Backbone Connect delivers. “A year ago, we undertook an exercise to review all our services,” explains Nick. “Because they are so integral to our operations, we conducted a market test and reviewed all the services that Backbone Connect deliver for us. Based on that market test, we decided to stay with Backbone Connect. They weren’t the cheapest and they weren’t the most expensive. But they definitely represent the best value for money.”

Why we think OLM Group are great

“OLM are a customer that we have a long-term partnership with and over the years we have developed an excellent understanding of their business and the support they need to be successful. We have built an intimate knowledge of both their network and their unique support needs. Its great to work with a customer that has the level of trust and history that OLM Group has with us.”

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