Since 2008, Backbone Connect has driven the digital transformation of organisations across the world.

As an existing Backbone Connect customer, you already understand how we enhance your productivity with intelligently applied innovative technologies. Our expert-led consultation services provide tailored solutions to meet almost any infrastructurerequirement. Your partnership with  Backbone Connect means you can explore a hassle-free, seamless digital ecosystem with low lead time for your new services.

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We’ve got solutions for any conceivable network issue that could arise with your organisation. From DDoS attacks to wasted network spend to IT training issues... we offer a full menu of services to satisfy your network needs.

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Managed Networks

Backbone Connect delivers guaranteed secure, high-performing, flexible WAN and LAN solutions that help you get connected and stay connected.

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Cyber Security

Backbone Connect’s range of cyber security solutions enable you to ensure that your digital assets and data are safe from harm.


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Cloud and Data Centre

Backbone Connect cloud and data centre hosting services are designed to give you maximum security, flexibility, and performance.

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Internet and WiFi

Backbone Connect's internet and WiFi experts provide the latest, fast, flexible, high-performance connectivity that’s proven its trustworthiness time and again.

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Professional Services

Backbone Connect aids you with a flexible range of professional services to help you match innovative new methods to your business goals and strategies.

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Digital Transformation 

Digital transformation is all around us - and it’s vital to your business if you want to compete, innovate, and reduce costs while remaining agile and visible.

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In an ever-evolving world, a technology platform that’s ready for anything makes all the difference. We are here to help you be ready.

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Hybrid Workforce

Backbone Connect can help you build powerful connectivity, security, and collaboration capabilities that ensure your team has the best possible experience, wherever they are.

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Cost Optimisation

Backbone Connect’s cost optimisation analysis helps identify overspending, providing opportunities to reduce your overheads without impacting performance.

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Cyber Threats

Backbone Connect can help you protect your business from this rising threat with next-gen AI-powered technologies, certifications, and training.

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