While innovative technologies and working practices like cloud computing and hybrid working provide great competitive advantages, the speed at which companies are embracing them creates vulnerabilities that criminals are quick to exploit. 

Small and medium-sized enterprises are particularly at risk - they rely on the efficiencies technology provides, but often ‘cut corners’, neglecting to invest in effective cyber security.  

Finding the right skills and technology to help keep your business safe can be challenging and costly.  
Backbone Connect can help you stay protected with comprehensive cyber security managed services, created with zero-trust philosophy and delivered by our expert team - so you can focus on growing your business. 

Why you need Backbone Connect’s cyber security solutions:

●    We’re a partner you know and trust 
●    Responsive, experienced, and certified security professionals 
●    Team training and education programmes 
●    Simulated phishing and penetration testing
●    Gartner Magic Quadrant leading technology  
●    Compliance and Certification 

Cyber Security services include:

Businesses are more mobile, cloud-based, and dispersed than ever before. As a result, even simple tasks like file sharing and collaborating can now expose confidential and business-critical data to cyber threats. SASE (Secure access service edge) technologies combine the flexibility of SD-WAN with security service edge (SSE) technology to provide new ways of defending your infrastructure and data. 

Backbone Connect select, design, implement, and support managed SASE solutions to get you up and running with comprehensive, hassle-free protection. 

Why you need Backbone Connect’s SASE solutions:

Cisco Meraki and Fortinet  

 Transition at the pace that suits you, one site or one user at a time 

 SSE and SASE options 

Backed by a responsive team 

End-to-end solutions 

We’re a partner you know and trust 

The latest generation of firewalls provides advanced cyber security capabilities designed to help protect your business from modern cyber threats. Backbone Connect advises on the best technology for your needs and then implements and manages it for you. 

You can focus on your organisational goals, reduce your IT workload, and leave your firewalls to us. 

How Backbone Connect’s firewall services can help you:

SD WAN and SSE  

Backed by the responsive partner you know and trust 

Gartner Magic Quadrant Leading technology 

Selection, design, installation, and management 

AI-driven capabilities 

Virtual and physical appliance solutions 

Phishing scams are by far the most common form of cyberattack faced by most businesses. By layering your defences, you can prevent phishing emails from reaching your staff. A good phishing defence can spot malicious emails when they arrive, as recommended by the National Cyber Security Council.

Backbone Connect provides best-practice solutions with an AI-driven mail filtering system to identify suspicious emails as well as staff training and simulations to ensure your team is alert to the threat of phishing scams. 

What Backbone Connect’s services offer you:

Access to the wider cyber security solutions 

A partner you know and trust 

Phishing simulations so you can spot weaknesses 

Ongoing employee training solutions, to learn best practices at your own pace 

AI-powered mail filtering 

Gartner Magic Quadrant leading technology 

As businesses rush to integrate cloud and digital technologies, the threat of a cyberattack like DDoS poses a real threat to day-to-day operations and reputation. 

Backbone Connect provides fully managed and standby DDoS protection solutions that monitor your network around the clock, allowing you to either automatically or manually scrub DDoS traffic when it is detected.  

Why you need Backbone Connect’s DDoS protection solutions:

AI-driven capabilities 

Access to the wider cyber security solutions 

 A partner you know and trust 

Widely adopted, innovative DDoS protection technology 

Automatic or manual DDoS attack intervention 

 DDoS monitoring 24/7 

Protecting your data and employees from cyber threats is challenging and complex. You may also be facing data protection requirements unique to your industry, requiring process-heavy logistics and planning to ensure your IT systems are legally compliant.

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification provides a framework to help you get cyber security right. With our expertise in safeguarding information systems, people, and processes, we’ll work with you to prepare for and achieve these certifications, along with all your other cybersecurity compliance requirements. 

What Backbone Connect has to offer:

Compliant technology and solutions  

Gap analysis to bring you up to industry standard

 A partner you know and trust 

Cybersecurity compliance assessment

Cyber Essentials Plus 

Cyber Essentials 

Why choose Backbone Connect?

Scale your business to new heights with Backbone Connect - the team you trust.  

As your most valuable IT partner, we’ll help you get connected, stay connected, and assist you throughout your digital transformation journey.

We can integrate groundbreaking new services like managed networks, zero-trust cyber security, professional services, and cloud and colocation with your current services at the flick of a switch - instantly resolving and catering to your holistic digital needs. It's time for you to explore the endless possibilities with Backbone Connect.

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