Whether it's strategic planning and road mapping consultancy, project management, or engineering, we can help. We bring decades of experience to the design, implementation, migration, and optimisation of network, security, and hosting technologies. 

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to help them achieve their strategic aims, and we can help you do the same. 

Our expert driven services can help you navigate:

●    Strategy and technology roadmapping 
●    Project management 
●    Technology selection  
●    Compliance   
●    Certification – Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus 
●    Engineering  
●    Audit and discovery (Hardware, software, licence, patch)  

Professional services include:

The speed at which new technologies are created and implemented means it’s no longer enough just to have a basic technological infrastructure in place. As a business leader, you must constantly seek out new ways to efficiently deliver value. 

At Backbone Connect, we’re immersed in the know-how you need to create future-proof technology strategies that support your business goals and mitigate technical debt. 

How Backbone Connect can assist you:

Increased agility 


Advanced technologies 

Technology roadmapping 

Cost optimisation 

  Digital transformation 

Protecting your data and employees from cyber threats is challenging and complex. You may also be facing data protection requirements unique to your industry, requiring process-heavy logistics and planning to ensure your IT systems are legally compliant.

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification provides a framework to help you get cyber security right. With our expertise in safeguarding information systems, people, and processes, we’ll work with you to prepare for and achieve these certifications, along with all your other cybersecurity compliance requirements. 

What Backbone Connect has to offer:

Compliant technology and solutions  

Gap analysis to bring you up to industry standard

A partner you know and trust 

Cybersecurity compliance assessment

Cyber Essentials Plus 

Cyber Essentials 

The key to any successful technical project is matching each task to the right expertise. Our Technical Engineering and Project Management teams are an expert resource you can call on to create better outcomes through strong technical leadership. 

We can assist with project management at all stages, from initial scoping and planning through to execution, finishing touches, and handover. 

Backbone Connect’s areas of expertise:

Project planning 

Project management 

Technical engineering  

An Audit and Discovery report can help you understand your existing technology estate and assets. We will provide a detailed overview of the hardware, software, and security of your estate - including a thorough assessment of your regulatory compliance status. The report will include step-by-step recommendations for actions based on our findings so you can address and future-proof your compliance and performance. 

What Backbone Connect can provide:

Cloud overspend assessment

Telecommunications audit

Security vulnerability assessment

Software, License, Version, and Patch audits

Hardware audit

Why choose Backbone Connect?

Scale your business to new heights with Backbone Connect - the team you trust.  

As your most valuable IT partner, we’ll help you get connected, stay connected, and assist you throughout your digital transformation journey.

We can integrate groundbreaking new services like managed networks, zero-trust cyber security, professional services, and cloud and colocation with your current services at the flick of a switch - instantly resolving and catering to your holistic digital needs. It's time for you to explore the endless possibilities with Backbone Connect.

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