Whether your business was ‘born in the cloud’ or you’re looking for increased agility, Backbone Connect is your perfect cloud and data centre service partner. 

We leverage a unique combination of experience, technology, and location to provide security-first infrastructure, and responsive managed services. Our secure cloud and data centre hosting services keep your data and applications optimised and accessible.  

In uncertain times, robust and flexible infrastructure is crucial to keep you prepared for any challenges. Our private cloud and colocation services are delivered from resilient, high-availability data centres in the UK as well as public cloud platforms from Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.  

Cloud and data centre services include: 

●    1u to multiple rack data centre colocation in secure top-tier data centres 
●    Private Cloud migration and management 
●    Public Cloud migration and management 
●    Cloud Connects 
●    Project Management and ad-hoc engineering 

Cloud & Data Centre services include:

Backbone Connect has a variety of data centre options for your hosting needs. From 1u to multiple racks to private cages, our state-of-the-art London-based data centres can accommodate any application or connectivity requirement. 

After we’ve helped you assess your power needs, we provide the people, connectivity, and management services necessary to ensure your data is secure, online, and available. 

How Backbone Connect can help you:

Remote Hands 

 Migration, installation, management, and support 

Resilient IP Transit and Peering 

Resilient, fast network 

Data Centres across the UK 

1u to Full Racks and Caged Areas 

We can help you achieve your organisational goals and take the next steps on your cloud journey. Our cloud platforms are hosted within secure UK data centres, run across high-capacity, resilient fibre networks, interconnect with all major network carriers, and backed by expert technical support and solutions teams. 

Whether you are looking to retire ageing equipment or find a high-performance home for your applications and data, our private cloud solutions can help. 

What Backbone Connect’s cloud platforms have to offer:

 Cloud Connections to all major SaaS and Public Cloud platforms 

 Spend analysis and forecasting 

Design, migration, and support 

Responsive technical support 

Interconnectivity with all major UK and international carriers 

UK data centres 

Public cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud offer powerful advantages for rapid deployment, flexibility, and scalability. But setting up, securing, and managing your environment is expensive and time-intensive. 

Backbone Connect can support your cloud environment with a managed migration, ensuring your costs don’t spiral, and your cybersecurity is maintained throughout. 

Why you need Backbone Connect’s cloud support:

Cloud connections 

 Cyber security assessment, recommendations, and implementation

 Cost optimisation/reduction 

Management and technical support 

Cloud migration 

 Professional services to ensure your solution meets your strategy

Backbone Connect can connect your network to all major cloud and SaaS platforms. We create a direct path from your premises to the cloud. You’ll get optimum performance, reliability, and cost savings by reducing unnecessary data charges. 

How Backbone Connect can help you:

 Responsive technical support 

Private, dedicated internet path 

Built using your existing connections  

Delivered in a few days 

Connection to all major SaaS applications 

 Connection to all major public cloud platforms

Rapidly evolving cloud technologies offer a world of possibilities to agile businesses. Unfortunately, they also provide opportunities for cybercriminals, too. 

Backbone Connect provides a range of cyber security services aligned to this new threat context. We’ll protect your data and users, wherever they are, using the latest AI-driven technologies and best practice methodologies.

What Backbone Connect’s cyber security solutions offer:

Employee training packages and resources

AI-driven threat detection and action 

Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader Technologies from Fortinet and Cisco Meraki

UK Cyber Security Council-aligned 

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus readiness and assessments 

SSE & SASE to secure the Cloud Edge 

Why choose Backbone Connect?

Scale your business to new heights with Backbone Connect - the team you trust.  

As your most valuable IT partner, we’ll help you get connected, stay connected, and assist you throughout your digital transformation journey.

We can integrate groundbreaking new services like managed networks, zero-trust cyber security, professional services, and cloud and colocation with your current services at the flick of a switch - instantly resolving and catering to your holistic digital needs. It's time for you to explore the endless possibilities with Backbone Connect.

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