Backbone Connect has been the trusted infrastructure provider to mid-market businesses for over a decade, and has been securing customers’ critical IT assets for the same length of time. With an independent, practical approach, you can depend on us for affordable and effective advice in securing your business.

We provide a range of cyber security solutions to address any risks highlighted by an infrastructure assessment, ensuring that these are focused in the right way to balance impact and probability, while not forgetting crucial considerations such as budget.

10 ways to reduce cyber risk

10 ways to reduce cyber risk


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Virtual firewall

Any business Internet connection, regardless of who provides it, requires dependable perimeter protection as a minimum requirement. Small to medium businesses cannot always justify the total cost of ownership of a hardware-based firewall solution, nor do they necessarily have the resources in terms of IT and networking skills to manage policy and maintain updates to the firewall platform.

For our business Internet and wide area network customers, we provide a perimeter firewall service, based upon a geographically diverse, high-availability platform which is fully managed in terms of monitoring, policy change management and maintenance of underlying infrastructure. This scalable, reliable, multi-customer security platform is an ideal entry-level firewall solution for small businesses who desire a simple-to-implement, hands-off approach to protecting their Internet perimeter.

Dedicated firewall

The Internet perimeter is a vitally important element in protecting your business from external attack. We can help mitigate this risk with the provision of an advanced, dedicated firewall, configured and managed to meet your needs.

Every business is different, so we take a consultative approach to understanding your likely exposure and existing technology landscape. We help protect customers with single-site business Internet connectivity, as well as multi-site organisations that require centralised, high-availability perimeter firewalls deployed at the heart of their network. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to Internet perimeter security, so once we have a good understanding of your requirements, we’ll recommend a firewall solution to fit your needs.

Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots


How can building owners support tenants in meeting their security goals? Read our report to find out more, 

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Cisco services


As Internet-borne threats become more advanced and small-to-medium businesses find themselves under increased risk of attack, your perimeter security must stay ahead of the game.

The latest Cisco ASA firewalls are available with a full armament of defences, including:

  • Application Visibility and Control (AVC) – allowing businesses to be extremely granular in controlling access to specific apps, including the use of social media
  • ‘Next Generation’ Intrusion Protection System – providing threat prevention encompassing users, devices, users and content
  • Advanced Malware Protection – whilst user training is important in terms of reducing the likelihood of exposure to risky websites and opening e-mail attachments, Cisco AMP can discover, understand and stop malware as well as emerging threats
  • URL Filtering – ensuring that your corporate browsing access policy is enforced, by analysing URLs and matching against a risk score.



Today’s flexible working environment requires networks to be equally so.

Locked down, inflexible networks prevent offices from allowing users to make use of all of their devices whenever they need them.

Cisco Identity Service Engine is a network administration engine which allows organisations to manage end user devices being used on the network.

Our NOC team is skilled in providing management of this service, allowing organisations to better protect their networks when confronting the challenges of Bring-Your-Own-Device networking.

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Secure remote access

For businesses with mobile and remote users, access to business applications and data needs to be secure. For those with secured core networks, alternative solutions are needed to allow those remote users access.

By providing the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), we can ensure our customers’ security remains intact, as well as the security of their remote user traffic, despite being beyond the protected core environment.


A Distributed Denial of Service attack can cripple your business by flooding your Internet connection or hosted environment with a huge volume of traffic. Such attacks are increasingly common and can be challenging to mitigate, especially as such a high volume of traffic can render your traditional dedicated perimeter firewall useless.

For our customers, we offer industrial-grade DDoS mitigation with a globally distributed architecture. If the risk of business disruption or loss of revenue resulting from a DDoS attack is a concern to you, then please get in touch to see how we can help.

Vulnerability scan

For an independent and thorough assessment of your Internet perimeter security, we can arrange for a vulnerability scan of your attack surface, encompassing all of your Internet-facing IP address space.

You might wish to include elements of authenticated systems, allowing us to go one step deeper into your Internet-facing infrastructure. For example, for a user area of a website that requires basic username / password credentials, we can recreate a username / password breach and assess any exposure beyond the login.

Penetration testing

Our trusted consultants can:

  • Perform vulnerability scanning on network and software elements. This non-intrusive method provides analysis of the vulnerabilities found on specific network elements, without the vulnerabilities themselves being exploited
  • Perform penetration testing, providing detailed documented findings and identification of the vulnerabilities that were exploited, with recommendations for improvements