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Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Why was it developed?

Tenants within industrial or business parks are demanding higher speed Internet access, as well as cloud connectivity and cloud-hosted collaboration services — allowing them to stay abreast of the competition.

Industrial or business parks are often situated away from local exchanges, however, or find themselves out of range of the higher speed broadband services that are becoming available in more built-up areas. Even if fibre (ethernet) services are available, these can be unaffordable for some tenants, frequently requiring a wayleave or a dig.

How does it work?

We can assess your industrial or business park for its suitability to receive high-speed, cost-effective connectivity using wireless technology.

Our experts can conduct both desktop and physical surveys to understand the local fibre network infrastructure, identify the presence of landlord-owned duct, locate CCTV assets, map line-of-sight opportunities and determine the wireless service coverage for tenants. A turnkey, fully managed service could include an ultra-high-speed fibre network connection and a park-wide, cost-effective broadband wireless service for tenants.