In our pursuit of enhancing customer productivity, we recognize the essential need for robust connectivity and security wherever work takes place. These foundational elements not only safeguard our businesses but also facilitate smarter and more agile ways of working. 

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Building secure foundations requires a holistic approach. 

Establishing secure foundations necessitates a comprehensive strategy. With the increasing incidence of attacks targeting smaller enterprises, there's growing concern about their vulnerability. 

These attacks exploit security gaps, leaving smaller businesses more exposed than they realize, particularly those lacking dedicated teams and robust security practices. Adopting a holistic approach to security, from top to bottom, ensures the implementation of best practices and enterprise-grade protection, laying the groundwork for resilient businesses. This comprehensive strategy should prioritize key security aspects and adhere to best practices outlined by organizations like NCSC and NIST, promoting a Zero Trust security model.

Key components of this approach include:

  • Security Management:Aligning people and processes to enhance security posture, foster maturity, and ensure business resilience.
  • Identity Protection: Verifying identities to track data access and usage.
  • Threat Defense: Proactively safeguarding endpoints, applications, identities, and data, while continuously monitoring for and responding to threats.
  • Data Security: Understanding data usage and implementing measures to prevent data loss.
  • Device Compliance: Ensuring all devices accessing data comply with security standards, whether personal or company-owned, and providing secure access.
  • Network Security: Securing connections within the business and safeguarding data flow across networks, forming the backbone of overall security.

Helping our customers stay secure is our mission.

Our mission is to ensure our customers' security while enabling business growth and the confident adoption of cutting-edge solutions. Serving as trusted advisors to many clients, we aim to guide them in establishing secure, modern work environments.

Our process often begins with a comprehensive assessment, allowing us to understand your current standing and develop a tailored plan forward.

Through our 360° Security Assessment, we offer:

  • Insights into your current security posture.
  • Comparative analysis against similar organizations.
  • Actionable steps and quick wins to enhance security and fend off attacks.
  • Metrics for tracking progress.
  • Effective communication with your business stakeholders.

Together, we pave the way for a secure and prosperous future.

We are thrilled to announce Microsoft's partnership with Backbone Connect, aimed at revolutionizing how businesses approach security and productivity. By combining forces, we're dedicated to helping customers stay safe and enhance productivity in today's digital landscape.

Microsoft, a forefront leader in the technology sector, has made substantial investments in security, culminating in a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge tools. From Defender's robust antivirus capabilities to Sentinel's real-time threat detection, our integrated platform ensures holistic protection against 98% of attacks.

Our collaboration extends to include Intune, Purview, and Priva, empowering businesses to manage mobile devices, govern data, and uphold privacy regulations seamlessly. Together, we offer a unified solution that not only safeguards enterprises but also unlocks intelligent productivity through AI-driven insights.

With this partnership, we're committed to empowering businesses with the core foundations of good security while propelling them towards unprecedented levels of efficiency and resilience. Stay tuned as we embark on this transformative journey together.


NCSC State of Security in the UK report

NCSC State of Security in the UK report


NCSC Ten Steps to Better Security

NCSC Ten Steps to Better Security


Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2023

Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2023



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