Transform the way your
employees work


Companies today are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the growing demands of modern business. The way that people are working is changing and companies are starting to adopt more cloud-based services to maintain a competitive advantage.

Previously, companies required the use of multiple applications in order to function the day-to-day running of their business. Applications such as Skype and WhatsApp were, and in some cases still are, the primary communication tools used between employees within businesses, as well as for them to communicate with external stakeholders and customers. Companies also relied (and still do) on the use of ISDN lines. However, BT recently announced that all lines will be retired by 2025, posing a migration challenge to many businesses. With business technology fast advancing, continuing to use multiple communications platforms creates many challenges for businesses to adopt the new systems that are taking over.

Challenges include:

  • Having limited flexibility on where employees can work
  • No central point of access, as work is shared across multiple devices and systems
  • Increased maintenance cost for the hardware used to run multiple systems
  • Difficulty of business scalability, especially if growth is rapid and the systems do not communicate well with one another

To get ahead of this it is critical for businesses to invest in a diverse cloud-based system that allows them to have all of their business needs under one Unified Communication platform. There are a number of Unified Communication tools available but one that has been implemented and successful within Backbone is Horizon Collaborate. One of the best things about Horizon Collaborate is that as long as employees have a laptop and access to the internet, they are able to utilise all of the benefits that it has to offer right from the start. No waiting for installation, no hefty costs getting in the way and no limitations to what they can access.

As the name suggests, this is a tool that allows employees to easily collaborate on one common platform, but to also have the added benefit of being able to collaborate with external stakeholders on the same topic. To overcome the challenges that businesses are facing, Horizon Collaborate offers an extensive range of features such as:

  • Instant messaging – a quicker and smarter way for employees to communicate.
  • Video calling – allowing for a visual group discussion, available on both desktop and mobile.
  • Telephone calls – having a ‘soft’ phone means there is no need for a physical device.
  • Screen sharing – employees are able to collaborate on the same thing seamlessly.
  • Conference calls – easily create a dial-in conference call that both internal staff and external stakeholders can access.
  • Web access to Meeting Rooms – a web link for a user’s own hosted conference room, enabling outside parties to easily participate without needing to have Horizon Collaborate installed.

We use Collaborate here at Backbone, and we’ve seen the success that this new system has brought. Since adoption we’ve seen positive effects on employee productivity, increased flexibility in the way our employees can work, a reduction in costs, improved collaboration between departments, less maintenance and we’ve found it easy to scale as its use grows. We know how ‘viral’ these kind of tools can be. Once it became established as the collaboration option of choice, it quickly spread across departments. Adoption and usability is key, so having key employees champion its use was an important driver in its success.

To get ahead with your digital transformation strategy and to get expert advice on how Horizon Collaborate could benefit your business, get in touch with your dedicated Customer Success Manager today.