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Disaster Recovery

John Archer, our Solutions Director, chaired a webinar on 'Disaster Recovery – The resiliency behind your business' along with Nick King, Senior Enterprise Solutions Architect at iLand, to discuss how disaster recovery is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

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  • John Archer

Disaster recovery is the one thing that will allow your organisation to keep running in the face of malicious ransomware attacks, unplanned outages, and devastating natural disasters.

Do you feel confident in your disaster recovery plan? Watch the full webinar here, or read on to find out what more you could be doing. 

Moving from a simple Backup

There are intangible costs to an outage that must be taken into consideration, such as your reputation and customer loyalty. They can cause your customers to simply walk away and rely on your competitors to satisfy their needs. That's why a simple Backup is not enough. True IT resiliency gives your organisation the ability to quickly recover from a disaster or malicious attack.

96% of companies with a trusted backup and disaster recovery plan were able to survive ransomware attacks.

Not all businesses are the same, but we all have critical data that needs protection. You need a DR plan (Disaster Recover Plan) that will enable you to get back up and running even if you face issues such as:

  • Service Availability - Access to data
  • Accidental Deletion - Human errors can be costly
  • External threats - Ransomware and malware
  • Internal threads - Malicious insiders
  • Policy Gaps - Long- term archival
  • Legal & Compliance - Regulations and audits


How to achieve true business resiliency

IT resiliency means backups and a proper disaster recovery plan and can be achieved using services such as Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). The in-house option might have been appealing at one point, but there is a lot to consider and it takes a lot of effort to create a secondary environment. Moreover, at some point, you will have to initiate full or partial DR to prove that the solution works. Disaster recovery for an entire data centre can be quite complex as replication and duplication of data are high-priced, testing can be risky, and your IT staff might not have the time available to focus their efforts into it.  You don’t want the first time that you test DR to be during a real disaster.

Collaboration is key in formulating a sound DR plan doing this well and a trusted partner will ensure an effective cloud-based solution.

The pathway forward

Award-winning technology provides clear system visibility before and after testing with added automation features and report functionality to give give you confidence and peace of mind in your DR ability. There's also the added bonus of a dashboard to view all your system data. Schedule testing at any time without causing disruption. DRaaS offers a path forward, usually with no upfront capital expenses as there would be with an in-house solution. It does not need replacing every three years and is offsite by default.


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