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Asset Managers: How to make wayleaves leave

In recent years we have worked with numerous companies delivering connectivity services to tenants within their commercial buildings. What we have learned from our experience is that the time it takes to move a new tenant into an empty office is often hindered by the delivery of connectivity within the building.

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Wayleaves often get in the way and incoming tenants are worried about signing a new lease. The worry for them is that a reliable and robust internet connection will not be available for them, or highly problematic to deliver if they sign that lease. After all, so much of how a modern company does business is highly dependent on connectivity.

The longer it takes for a new tenant to sign their lease is the longer an office stays empty, leading to lost income. Building owners/managers are generally not experts in connectivity and are likely to be unfamiliar with how to solve the issue of connectivity, but regardless still need to solve the problem.

The problem of the existing tenants

Existing tenants often get stuck with unreliable connectivity that hinders their business. They find it hard to change providers because of the long waits that are usually associated with installation times. Growing businesses frequently need access to increased bandwidth, and a lack of available connectivity options can create unhappy tenants with problems that buildings owners/managers are not equipped to fix. 

How we have solved the problem

Backbone Connect has worked with building owners and managers to solve the problems faced by both building managers and tenants. Our team of engineers have come up with a solution that eliminates the problems of wayleaves and slow installations, as well as the requirement for landlord engagement for connectivity and the complex issues that come with it - and has reduced costs and provided access to robust and reliable internet connectivity. Backbone Connects Connected Commercial Building solution is our answer to these problems. This service provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminate costly wayleaves for asset managers
  • Decrease the cost of connectivity by 30% below the market rate
  • Deliver connectivity within as little as 5 days for both existing and new tenants through multiple carriers.
  • Provide reliable connectivity, cloud technology, cybersecurity, telephony and managed network solutions for all new and existing tenants at the drop of a hat.

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